Risky Business

RISKY BUSINESS: The Princess Bride

By Brian Smolensky / September 28, 2022

How inconceivably risky was “The Princess Bride?” Find out as our risk managers analyze this 35-year-old classic.

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By Brian Smolensky / September 15, 2022

“Die Hard” made Bruce Willis a star. It also injured him permanently. Find out how, as our production risk managers evaluate the risky business of 1988’s “Die Hard.”

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RISKY BUSINESS: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

By Brian Smolensky / September 9, 2022

How risky was Harry’s second year at Hogwarts? Find out as our risk managers analyze “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”

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RISKY BUSINESS: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

By Brian Smolensky / August 3, 2022

How risky is Harry’s first year at Hogwarts? Find out here, where our Risk Management Experts examine “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

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RISKY BUSINESS: The Wizard of Oz

By Brian Smolensky / May 25, 2022

“The Wizard of Oz” is the most watched movie in history and the most influential movie ever made. It is also one of the most dangerous. Let’s look at what makes Dorothy’s trip over the rainbow so risky. 

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By Brian Smolensky / May 18, 2022

1915’s “The Captive” is patient zero for on-set gun deaths. Our Risk Management Professionals looks at how firearm safety could have saved the first recorded production death from gunfire.

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RISKY BUSINESS: The Charge of the Light Brigade

By Brian Smolensky / May 13, 2022

The final battle in 1936’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade” has a staggering death toll. Epitome examines this infamous scene to show how risk management can save lives.

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By Brian Smolensky / April 27, 2022

Orson Welles nearly died making “Citizen Kane.” How could risk management have increased production safety? Our Risk Management Professionals take a look at the greatest movie ever made.

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By Brian Smolensky / April 20, 2022

The Great Flood in 1928’s “Noah’s Ark” caused numerous injuries, a leg amputation, and the death of three people.

Our Safety Experts demonstrate how risk management could have saved lives on “Noah’s Ark.”

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By Brian Smolensky / April 13, 2022

“The Conqueror” was a doomed and tragic production. How much safer could it have been with proper risk management?

Check out what our Risk Management Professionals have to say about 1956’s “The Conqueror.”

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