BEST PRACTICES: Pre-Production

By Epitome Risk Team / July 29, 2022

Our Pandemic Production Safety Experts have put all their Pre-Production Tips in one place. Check out Epitome’s Pandemic Pre-Production Best Practices.

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How COVID-19 Affects Production Budgets

By Brian Smolensky / October 19, 2020

Pandemic filming is expensive, but it is important to account for all the additional safety procedures.

Check out our tips for writing production budgets that properly account for COVID-19 safety.

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How COVID-19 Affects Casting

By Brian Smolensky / October 5, 2020

One of the most prolonged and tricky aspects of pre-production has always been the casting process. COVID-19 has made casting more complicated.

Here’s our tips for how to cast your next project safely.

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How COVID-19 Affects Location Scouting

By Brian Smolensky / September 21, 2020

Finding the right location is crucial to any production. In the COVID-19 era, we must reexamine how we choose locations and understand how the definition of an ideal location has changed.

Here are our tips for safe location scouting.

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How COVID-19 Affects Script Breakdowns

By Brian Smolensky / September 7, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the script breakdown process, which may cause pre-production issues.

Check out this article from Epitome Risk Solutions to learn more.

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Man and Woman confer about production schedules.

How COVID-19 Affects Shooting Schedules

By Brian Smolensky / August 26, 2020

In the COVID-19 era, the safety of the cast & crew—and the survival of the production itself—depend on a detailed shooting schedule.

Here are our tips for creating COVID-19-safe, detailed shooting schedules.

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