BEST PRACTICES: Post-Production

By Epitome Risk Team / September 23, 2022

Our Pandemic Production Safety Experts have put all their Post-Production Tips in one place. Check out Epitome’s Pandemic Post-Production Best Practices.

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How COVID-19 Affects ADR

By Brian Smolensky / January 25, 2021

Given just how much of our production processes have changed during COVID-19, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that ADR has also changed.

Here is our guide to ADR during a pandemic.

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How COVID-19 Affects Scores and Music

By Brian Smolensky / January 11, 2021

Music plays a powerful role in any production. COVID-19 has changed the way we score our projects.

Check out our guide to Scores and Music.

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How COVID-19 Affects CGI

By Brian Smolensky / December 7, 2020

Computer Generated Imagery has a lot to offer in the COVID-19 era. But there are some drawbacks.

Check out this article on CGI to learn more.

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