Video Production Risk Assessment

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There are dangerous conditions within production sets and studios that present considerable risks to the industry and can potentially result in serious injuries, accidents, production interruptions, delays, and liability, labor mistrust, and reputational damage. Music videos, commercials, and other video production projects with shorter timeframes and turnaround times cannot afford to have their timelines derailed. The most effective way to avoid incidents that can result in production delays and loss of revenue is to work with risk management professionals who specialize in video production.

At Epitome Risk Solutions, we are proud to be a leading provider of video production risk management solutions. Our world-class team has vast experience — we’ve worked on film production sets as well as on sets and in studios for music videos, commercials, and other media production projects. No matter the scope of your project, being aware of and prepared for the associated risks is essential to on-time completion, and our team can help get you there. We’ll work to identify and assess the risks associated with your video production project, develop a plan for reducing and controlling said risks, and provide expert safety and compliance solutions to ensure that production goes smoothly and cast and crew members are kept safe.

Video Production Risk Assessment

Pre-production Planning

Even smaller-scale media production projects like music videos and commercials can entail substantial risks. At Epitome, we take great care in making sure we understand all of the details for our clients’ video production projects. We apply our industry expertise and work closely with set and studio management to identify and assess potential risks involved with the project. Then, we develop a plan to implement as the production date gets closer.

Pre-Production Planning

Production Risk Management

Safety, security, medical, reputational, and other costly risks will be mitigated and controlled once production begins. Whether we are working with a label on a music video or a business for a promotional commercial, our risk management solutions are tailored to the unique production needs of our clients. The Epitome team will effectively address any risks or incidents associated with the production stage, always keeping set and studio management informed.

Production Risk Management

On-Set / In-Studio Consulting

Epitome’s team of risk management consultants that will help implement your risk management plans on location. When on the studio or set location, our consultants will continue to provide you with advice on your production’s exposure to risk. We’ll work to identify any issues that could potentially damage the reputation and outcome of your video while simultaneously analyzing threats and hazards that could put the physical safety of your talent and crew members at risk.

On-Set / In-Studio Consulting

Compliance and General Safety

While projects like music videos and commercials may not have as many risks associated with their production as a blockbuster film, there are still various incidents that can take place if the proper compliance and safety measures are not carried out. Fortunately, we have Risk Safety and Security enforcement teams that can help reduce or eliminate these risks entirely. This specialized team is composed of former military and front-line workers that have first-hand experience in dealing with just about every production-related risk.

Compliance and General Safety

Why Choose Our US-based Risk Management Company

Projects like music videos, commercials, and other media productions often have tight deadlines, condensed shoot schedules, and unique location challenges. Epitome Risk Solutions specializes in helping both small and large-scale productions keep up with fast-changing safety protocols while managing both the foreseeable and unaccounted-for risks associated with them. Our team of professionals works closely with stakeholders and management members to mitigate any potential health and safety concerns and propel efficiencies in the shooting schedule, minimize downtime, and provide safety measures that work with the production's creative vision and budget concerns.

Epitome’s team of Risk Safety and Security professionals provides scalable risk management solutions. Whatever your production entails, our team will work vigorously to understand the creative goals, budget constraints, and all other influences on the project. We’ll then craft together a bespoke and detailed risk management plan that enhances the creative vision for your project while steering clear of any issues that would result in downtime, delays, and disruptions.

Coronavirus Testing & Management for Video Productions

COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on how music videos, commercials, and other production projects are carried out. When the pandemic hit, productions were delayed, revenue was lost, and uncertainties increased. And now, the ever-changing safety protocols are altering the way that producers and productions operate. 

COVID cases can not only affect the efficiency of production, but they can also affect the health and safety of everyone involved. Epitome offers COVID-19 testing and case management solutions for video productions to ensure everything stays on track. 

By partnering with private labs, Epitome is able to offer different types of COVID testing for video productions, helping to minimize any potential virus-spreading risks and keeping everyone involved healthy and safe.

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Let Epitome Risk Solutions help keep your production safe, on schedule, and within budget. Our US-based risk management company has helped keep productions for movies, TV shows, professional sports, music videos, and commercials safe and on schedule. Contact us today to learn how Epitome can help make your video production project easier.