Meet the Team

Epitome is a U.S.-based risk management company, specializing in COVID-compliance & safety support for TV & film productions.

Lisa Wilson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder & CEO of Epitome Risk, Lisa Wilson has a solid track record in building high-growth companies, by hiring energetic and creative teams, assessing sales organizations’ abilities to meet high-demand growth targets, and leading the charge in new product development, product launches, and strategic business partnerships.

Lisa has made it her mission to consistently meet or exceed performance expectations, not only for herself but the teams she leads. In addition, she’s provided leadership and guidance to management teams and company founders on their organizational goals and strategies. Lisa an advocate in the relentless pursuit of new and better ways of working, empowering her organization and teams to embrace digital transformation. She believes an informed patient is a healthy patient and strives to deliver access to information to help patients advocate for their care. Lisa is a mother, daughter, and the proud wife of a US Veteran. Her passion truly lies in ensuring patients around the world have access to transformational medical options and information.

Mike Millett

Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer

Mike Millett is a co-founder and serves as its Chief Risk Officer. Mike of Epitome Risk, and leads the team in continued growth of Epitome Risk and its subsidiaries, FourthWall Testing, All Health Portal and Efrvsnt Leadership. Mike is a certified Crisis & Risk Management professional, Strategic Consultant, Veteran and outdoors enthusiast, with extensive experience conducting training, strategic development initiatives, and risk mitigation strategies for a long list of industry-leading clients.

Mike’s expertise and delivery have been key to the satisfactory development of several strategic projects across a wide and diverse cross-section of industries and clients, such as Fortune 100 companies, government sector, and the entertainment industry.

Dr. Marvin S. Hausman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hausman, an Immunlogist and Board Certified Urological Surgeon, has more than 30 years of drug research and development experience with various pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol-Myers International, Mead-Johnson Pharmaceutical Co., E.R. Squibb, Medco Research, and Axonyx. Dr. Hausman co-founded Medco Research, which in the 1980s became one of the top contract research organizations (CRO). immunologist Dr. is the the medical director of FourthWall Testing, a private lab owned by Epitome Risk.

As medical director of FourthWall, Dr. Hausman guides the lab’s growth and strategic plans, assists in the transition to an enhanced laboratory information system, provides medical guidance on the expansion of direct-to-consumer testing protocol, and oversees instrumentation and testing validations to ensure the quality, accuracy and reliability of FourthWall’s lab services.

Brett Wilson

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer Brett Wilson provides leadership and strategic vision to the organization.  Brett has extensive experience in operational, managerial and administrative procedures, reporting structures and operation controls. He leads and executes company strategies and is responsible for delivering results on a day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter basis. In short, Brett keeps Epitome Risk performing at its peak and is loved by clients and team members alike.

Alicia Helmstetter

Executive Assistant

Alicia enables business growth and transformation through the lens of people — assisting with functions including diversity and inclusion, organizational effectiveness and just about everything else. When anyone needs something done, we call Alicia.