Health & Safety Officers, On-Site Testing, COVID Compliance and Protocols for TV and Film Production

All under one roof. We have employees, not contractors, so we know that every job meets our very strict standards.

Film and TV  COVID testing solutions. HIPAA Waivers. Health and Safety Officers. Protocol Development. Risk Management.  Concierge Testing. That’s Epitome Risk.

We’ve been providing TV and film COVID support since 2020. We work with productions in the US and overseas. Our COVID team is made up of Epitome employees, not subcontractors, so you know your job will meet our strict standards.


Our reputation for providing Covid testing plans for TV & Films is second to none.



Pre-production Planning

Epitome Risk is well-versed in TV and film production risk assessment. We’ve worked on numerous projects, encountering unique challenges and implementing solutions along the way. We apply our knowledge and expertise to every job. Before production begins, our experts will work closely with your set management team to identify and assess potential risks and create a plan to implement when it’s time for the cameras to start rolling.

Pre-Production Planning

Production Risk Management

When production begins, the Epitome Risk team will work meticulously to identify and mitigate any safety, security, medical, or reputational risks. Our comprehensive risk management solutions are tailored to your unique production needs. We will craft a risk management plan that includes policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines for effectively addressing the assessed risks of your production.

Production Risk Management

On-Location Risk Management Consulting

Epitome has an experienced team of risk management consultants that will help implement your risk management plans on location. When on the set location, our consultants will continue to provide you with expert advice on your production’s exposure to risk — from identifying problems that could potentially damage your project’s reputation, to analyzing hazards that could threaten the physical safety of your talent and crew members.

On-Location Risk Management Consulting

Compliance and General Safety

Explosions, filming at great heights, falling objects — there are so many different factors required to make a memorable production. However, many locations, environments, and activities required for film production projects often come with risks. Epitome’s Risk Safety and Security teams are composed of former military and front line workers professionally trained to identify every risk possible during filming - even if that means filming skydiving or rappelling down a volcano. Our team will make sure that adequate control measures are in place to ensure compliance and the general safety of your production.

Compliance and General Safety

Why Choose Our US-based Risk Management Company

Over the last year, Epitome has become a leader in COVID-Compliance and testing solutions for TV/Film and Professional Sports.

Our leadership also has an extensive background in high-level risk management for feature films such as Do Revenge & Dog Gone, national and international events such as The Olympics, World Cup, and Milan Fashion Week.

Through our lab, FourthWall Testing, we can facilitate RT-PCR testing, rapid on-site testing, and provide same-day results to ensure your production goes off without a hitch.

Epitome is a U.S.-based, Woman Owned Small Business specializing in high-level risk, security, and COVID-Solutions for events, TV & Film, and sports. Through working with industry-leading international partners, Epitome delivers the highest level of logistical risk analysis and consulting for the unique needs of on-location projects.


Health & Safety Officers, On-Site Testing, COVID Compliance and Protocols for TV and film production under One Roof  - Epitome Risk

Let Epitome Risk Solutions help keep your production safe, on schedule, and within budget. Our US-based risk management company has been a part of numerous TV and movie productions with involvement ranging from scouting safe filming locations to completing comprehensive risk assessments for production companies and managers. Contact us today to request a consultation with our top-rated risk management company.