Film Production Risk Assessment

Keep Your Productions Safe While Avoiding Costly Delays

Trust Epitome to Keep Your Cast, Crew, and Production Safe

Injuries, diseases, and other workplace risks can be prevented by identifying and dealing with potential hazards and unsafe work practices. However, a film production set is much different than your average workplace. With so many risks in film production, no project is exempt from safety issues. Not only can these issues result in delays, but they can considerably increase the project budget. The best way to ensure that costly health and safety issues don’t affect your production schedule and budget is to partner with a risk management company. 

At Epitome Risk Solutions, we understand that risk is ingrained in producing any type of content, no matter your location, environment, or activity. As your trusted film production risk assessment and management partner, we will work to identify and assess the risks associated with your production, develop a plan for minimizing and managing risks, and provide expert safety and compliance solutions on-location to make sure that your filming project goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Pre-production Planning

Epitome Risk is well-versed in TV and film production risk assessment. We’ve worked on numerous projects, encountering unique challenges and implementing solutions along the way. We apply our knowledge and expertise to every job. Before production begins, our experts will work closely with your set management team to identify and assess potential risks and create a plan to implement when it’s time for the cameras to start rolling.

Pre-Production Planning

Production Risk Management

When production begins, the Epitome Risk team will work meticulously to identify and mitigate any safety, security, medical, or reputational risks. Our comprehensive risk management solutions are tailored to your unique production needs. We will craft a risk management plan that includes policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines for effectively addressing the assessed risks of your production.

Production Risk Management

On-Location Risk Management Consulting

Epitome has an experienced team of risk management consultants that will help implement your risk management plans on location. When on the set location, our consultants will continue to provide you with expert advice on your production’s exposure to risk — from identifying problems that could potentially damage your project’s reputation, to analyzing hazards that could threaten the physical safety of your talent and crew members.

On-Location Risk Management Consulting

Compliance and General Safety

Explosions, filming at great heights, falling objects — there are so many different factors required to make a memorable production. However, many locations, environments, and activities required for film production projects often come with risks. Epitome’s Risk Safety and Security teams are composed of former military and front line workers professionally trained to identify every risk possible during filming - even if that means filming skydiving or rappelling down a volcano. Our team will make sure that adequate control measures are in place to ensure compliance and the general safety of your production.

Compliance and General Safety

Why Choose Our US-based Risk Management Company

At Epitome Risk, we understand that Film projects are a dynamic endeavor. Multiple locations, large casts and crew, permit requirements, and production activities are just a few of the considerations in our risk management plans. The Epitome team works directly with production leadership to mitigate both foreseeable and unaccounted-for risks while achieving creative goals to minimize obstacles that would impact production.

The Epitome Risk Safety and Security teams provide scalable risk management solutions — no matter the size of your production. We work diligently to understand the creative goals, budget constraints, and all other influences on the project. Epitome then develops a bespoke and realistic risk management plan that does not negatively impact, but rather enhances the creative vision of the film team.

Through film and television experience, Epitome understands the unique challenges faced by each department of a production team. We work diligently with department heads to create Health/Safety and security plans that are both realistic and impactful.

Coronavirus Testing & Management for Film Productions

Covid-19 has rewritten the risk and safety script for film productions. After the pandemic caused much of the industry to come to a screeching halt, we’re starting to see productions resume as long as they comply with guidelines and protocols set by the industry as well as local, state, and federal governments. Regular testing is the new norm to ensure safety, but testing all cast and crew members can consume precious time. Fortunately, Epitome offers complete Covid-19 testing for TV and film productions. By offering different types of tests and partnering with private labs, we can ensure delays are minimized and that your production stays on schedule. 

We can also provide your production set with a Covid-19 Compliance Officer to help eliminate potential virus-spreading risks, avoid production halts, and keep everyone on-set safe.


Get Professional Risk Assessment and Management Solutions for Your Production

Let Epitome Risk Solutions help keep your production safe, on schedule, and within budget. Our US-based risk management company has been a part of numerous TV and movie productions with involvement ranging from scouting safe filming locations to completing comprehensive risk assessments for production companies and managers. Contact us today to request a consultation with our top-rated risk management company.