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Trust Epitome to Keep Your Production Safe With Concierge Testing Solutions

When the coronavirus pandemic struck, both film and television production activity were virtually at a standstill not only in the United States, but across the world, in a necessary attempt to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. Now that restrictions are being eased, production companies are looking to get back on schedule. However, safety concerns still exist, and newly released protocols established by industry institutions are requiring talent and crew members to be tested for Covid-19 before production starts. 

With an increased demand for testing, it can be challenging for cast and crew members to access Covid-19 tests and receive their results in a timely manner. That’s where Epitome can help. Our US-based risk management company offers concierge testing and safety solutions that are tailored to the needs of your production. While the pandemic has brought on unique challenges to the industry, our team works meticulously to ensure the production process goes as smoothly as possible while keeping everyone involved safe.

Safety Solutions for TV and Film Production

Waiver Management

Epitome handles the management of HIPAA waivers for all cast and crew members on a production set. Our professional waiver management solutions make sure that all required waivers are in the correct place at the right time. Additionally, by overseeing the management of HIPAA waivers, our risk management professionals can provide the production studio with testing results as soon as they become available.

Waiver Management


Covid-19 testing helps mitigate the risk of unknowingly exposing your production to the coronavirus. While there are many strategies and types of Covid-19 testing, Epitome can connect your production set to a complete range of testing solutions through our concierge testing program that fit your needs and verify the safety of everyone involved. For fast and reliable test results, we can provide crew and cast members with the following types of tests:

  • On-site Molecular Testing - Utilizing the Abbott ID NOW you'll receive results within 20 minutes.
  • In-lab PCR Testing - Same day results in many cases through partnerships with CLIA-licensed labs.


Test Result Tracking

Our team will track all testing results and ensure that all proper timeframes are followed. We continually monitor the results and data to track close contacts of cases to help eliminate potential risks on set. We can also ensure Covid-19 positive members receive the appropriate medical care and quarantine recommendations to keep the entire production organization and community safe.

Test Result Tracking

Private Labs

In the midst of a pandemic, finding access to quick, reliable testing is a challenge and can lead to delays in production. Epitome partners with private labs to get testing results back fast. Our labs do not compete with the tests of the general public, making it easy to quickly test all cast and crew members before production resumes.

Private Labs

On-Site Covid Compliance Officers

Epitome can provide you with a Covid Compliance Officer to help eliminate potential risks, avoid production halts, and keep everyone on-set safe. Many of our compliance officers are former military members or first responders who are well-versed in providing risk management and safety support for TV and film productions. When our coronavirus testing services are paired with one of our Covid officers on location, the $300 administrative fee is removed.

On-Site Covid Compliance Officers

Ongoing Safety Support

Epitome provides comprehensive safety support to create a healthy environment for your production workforce and community while ensuring the quick restoration of filming activities and enduring resilient operations during the global coronavirus pandemic. From pre-production to post-production, we will guide and support your team.

Ongoing Safety Support

Why Choose Epitome Risk Solutions

The coronavirus has rewritten the safety script for TV and film productions. Many production locations have implemented safety protocols for the industry. Guidelines and protocols shaped by recommendations from entertainment trade organizations include rigorous testing and following certain procedures should someone on a production set contract the virus. Staying in compliance with all these new guidelines and protocols can prove daunting, especially for productions on tight schedules that cannot afford to wait long for crew and cast test results. And, without the proper precautions, a single infection risks a costly delay in production, or worse, shutting the project down entirely. 

Epitome’s Covid-19 testing and safety solutions can adapt to the unique needs of TV or film productions, ensuring that your media project stays on track and in compliance with guidelines set by local, state, and federal governments. We provide production companies and managers with the services needed to test all cast and crew members and ensure ongoing safety on location. Our network of labs guarantees fast, accurate test results to help avoid the risk of production delays. We also provide tracking and reporting, isolation, and all-around support solutions to ensure a smooth production process from start to finish.

Our Covid-19 Safety Goals 

  • Reduce your liability 
  • Keep your cast and crew members safe and healthy
  • Prevent delays in production
  • Ensure compliance issues are avoided
  • Provide support to the entire production community
  • Implement effective solutions via your existing resources

‘Extremely Lucky to Have Used Epitome’

Our business needed Covid testing for many employees who were traveling to and from Paris, France for our broadcast of the French Open tennis championships. Epitome Risk Solutions, under the leadership of Lisa and Brett Wilson came through for our business in every respect. They educated us on the best testing practices, administered the Covid tests in person or via zoom, and made us feel comfortable at every stage of the process.

We are extremely lucky to have used Epitome for these Covid tests — they made the process manageable and easy for our whole team. I’d strongly recommend Epitome Risk Solutions to any business or individuals that need to get their covid testing done in a professional, reliable, and stress-free manner. Thank you.

David Edges

‘Epitome Risk Is at the Top of the Game’

In these uncharted waters of Covid, Epitome Risk is at the top of the game. Lightning-fast test turnarounds, constant updates on new protocols or government mandates, (and) international partnerships. They helped us to put together testing, around the country, for 60+ crew and talent, all within 72 hours of their flights. Not one person missed a flight. They set us up with an international partner in Europe to assist our 100+ person crew and our Covid supervisor was not only knowledgeable, he was always calm and collected and was diligent about keeping our crew safe. I wouldn’t want to do any production without Epitome Risk as part of the team.

Hillary Burgess

‘Can’t Say Good Enough Things’

Just finished working on a show where we travel with a large crew of around 30 people and a cast of 6 children and their parents. Brett Wilson was the Epitome Risk Solutions Covid safety officer that was with us for the run and I can’t say enough good things about him. We had safety meetings everyday and he made sure the cast and crew were never in a bad Covid risk environment. He always had sanitizer handy, masks for anyone that needed it, took your temperatures everyday and was there for any questions and concerns.

I got a rapid test from him at the end of the show and it came back negative. He not only dealt with Covid safety but general safety throughout the show especially with the children. Was a great guy to have on set and definitely couldn’t have done the show without him.

Troy Christopher

‘Cannot Wait to Work With These Guys Again’

We used Epitome Risk filming our TV show during Covid-19 and Mike and Brett could not have been more professional, helpful, friendly, and of course, safe. They informed us on all of the risks each day, but never told us we couldn't make our show how we wanted, they just made us more safe during these crazy times. We traveled with Brett across the country, in a national pandemic, for 6 weeks and he went above and beyond on the duties and job he was brought there for. With his background, he made our set the safest it could be.

I'm happy to say that with all of Epitome Risk, Mike, and Brett's support and safety, I am now still Covid negative after that work trip.I've already given their company to others in the TV industry, and cannot wait to work with these guys again!

Sarah Clayton

‘Highly Recommended’

I worked on a TV production for several weeks where Epitome Risk Solutions provided Covid risk management and consultation. Epitome Risk Solutions was an essential asset to the production and made a seemingly impossible project, possible during the time of Covid.

The character, demeanor, knowledge, and genuine care the representative of Epitome Risk Solutions had was that of the utmost professional quality. I highly recommend Epitome Risk Solutions to anyone!

Lucien DeLaBruere

Team Up With Epitome To Ensure the Utmost Production Safety 

The best way to avoid Covid-related production delays and compliance issues for your TV or film project is to work with the knowledge experts at Epitome Risk Solutions. We work meticulously to understand the needs of your production project and balance those needs with the latest guidelines and protocols, best practices, and in-house expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our Covid-19 testing and production management solutions.