COVID-19 Compliance

Keep Your Production Safe From Coronavirus

What is COVID-19 Compliance?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every single business and organization in the world. Local, state, and federal governments all have different laws and regulations they have put in place to protect their citizens. Unfortunately, the laws and regulations are drastically different from place to place, and it is your responsibility as a business owner or production manager to learn which laws apply to you and to make appropriate accommodations. Organizations that have taken such precautions can call themselves “COVID-19 Compliant,” and do not have to worry about receiving possible fines or penalties for not taking appropriate action in the areas they are operating.


“Why Should I Worry About COVID-19?”

With all the conflicting stories in the media these days, it can be tempting to just wave away the dangers of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here are some reasons to be “COVID-19 Compliant” that you may not have considered:

  • Keeping your cast and crew safe and healthy by preventing the spread of the disease
  • Improving morale on-set by easing the minds of your cast and crew
  • Avoiding costly fees and penalties for failure to comply
  • Preventing bad press about appearing callous or unprofessional
  • Avoiding production halts caused by quarantined cast members
  • Doing your part to help keep others safe

How Can Epitome Help?

While Epitome Risk Solutions typically focuses our services on helping TV and film productions, we are now extending our COVID-19 risk management services to any company that needs help navigating this difficult new terrain. We are excited to offer our expertise to anyone that needs it and to do our part to help return our world to normal. Keep reading to find out more about how Epitome can help your organization mitigate the damage done by this pandemic.


Understanding Local Protocols

The first step in managing Coronavirus is educating yourself on any and all laws and regulations that apply to your organization. Unfortunately, these new rules vary drastically depending on your country, state, and even county, so it is extremely important to stay up-to-date. Epitome is working closely with local, state, and federal governments, and we will help you figure out exactly what is required for your organization to be 100% compliant with all COVID-19 related laws and regulations.

Implementation of Social Distancing

You’ve probably already noticed that many of your favorite stores and restaurants have implemented various strategies for keeping their customers compliant with social distancing guidelines. Many businesses have already made drastic changes to move all of their meetings online. And while some organizations are able to function completely online through video conferences and Zoom chats, film production often requires many people to meet together in person. Epitome Risk can help your production, business, or organization implement the most effective strategies for keeping people at least six feet apart as often as possible.


Practical Travel Applications

Another common logistical problem caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic is keeping people safe during travel. This is particularly challenging for productions that have multiple locations, multiple sets, or actors and staff arriving from all over the globe. Gone are the days where we can simply jump on the next commercial flight and travel wherever we are needed. We can help ensure that whenever your cast, crew, or employees need to be transported from A to B, they do so in a way that keeps them safe and avoids exposure to COVID-19.

Continued Safety On-Location

For on-location TV and film productions, it can be particularly difficult to manage the logistics of keeping everyone involved compliant with social distancing and other COVID-19 precautions. Epitome’s team of on-location risk management consultants can help you implement effective strategies for COVID-19 compliance, even during dynamic production activities.


Take Your Production to the Next Level

If your production requires more than just COVID-19 risk mitigation, be sure to check out our other risk management services. Epitome has been providing world-class risk management services to mainstream TV programs and A-list celebrities, as well as international sporting events, conventions, and other large gatherings. If you’re ready to upgrade your production, contact us today.