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BEST PRACTICES: Post-Production

Epitome’s Pandemic Production Safety Experts Reveal Their BEST PRACTICES for Post-Production during COVID-19.

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Epitome Risk has been on the front lines of Pandemic Production Safety since the beginning. With over one hundred combined productions, our experts have helped film & television companies minimize risk, avoid shutdowns, and eliminate outbreaks for over two years.

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of production and Epitome has helped guide the way to safety with industry-leading risk management. Not only have we actively prevented outbreaks on sets, but we have also been members of a vanguard team of risk management professionals who have created the pandemic safety procedures that are standard practices in the industry today.

For the very first time, we want to offer a distilled version of our road-tested, set-proven procedures for safely producing a motion picture or television show during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the third and final piece in our in a three-part series, BEST PRACTICES.

Once Production has wrapped, it is time to put the finishing touches on your project and that means entering post. These are our Best Practices for Post-Production.

We have created a sharable, downloadable infographic that quickly and easily illustrates how you can decrease your chances of COVID-19-related delays by following these vital procedures during post-production. We cover everything from music and scores to CGI and ADR.

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Before you enter post on your next project, reference this infographic, and get your post-production started on the path to safety. To maximize safety, contact Epitome Risk for your COVID-19 and Risk Management Production Needs.

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