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LAB RESULTS: FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing

FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing: We come to you.
FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing: We come to you.

FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing gives you the best of both worlds. With results ready in less than an hour, this test rivals the speed of our Rapid Antigen Tests and comes with the accuracy of PCR. FourthWall’s Rapid PCR Testing is one of our most in-demand testing services.

With the BA.2 sub-variant now in America, we must follow the WHO’s advice and continue to practice proper COVID-19 safety. To help you remain vigilant, our new Atlanta Lab is open 24/7 and we will come to you.

Find out if FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing?

FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing is a quick, mobile version of our In-Lab PCR Testing. Available through our Concierge Testing Service, our rapid PCR testing can get you definitive results in 15 minutes.

How Do I Get a Rapid PCR Test from FourthWall?

To get a rapid PCR test from FourthWall, simply click here to schedule an appointment. Our website has all the information you need to learn more about pricing, options, and location.

For your convenience and safety, please schedule your appointment. We are eager to help but we are not currently set-up for walk-ins.

We can meet you anywhere that feels safe and convenient for you. Our certified staff will come fully protected with proper PPE and administer the test in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room. With our rapid PCR test, you will know your infection status in 15 minutes.

How Does FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing Work?

FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing begins with a nasal swab. Once we have a sample, we place it into a combination of proprietary liquid solutions and evaluate the sample on series of two mobile, mini-laboratory machines.

Once the solutions have been assessed by both machines, our certified lab technicians can accurately determine your COVID-19 infection status.

The process takes 15 minutes.   

How Do I Decide Which Test is Right for Me?

Our three most popular tests are our Rapid Antigen Test, our Rapid PCR Test, and our In-Lab PCR Test. Deciding which test is best for you depends on several factors.


Test TypeWhat Does It Test For?Why Is It Popular?Leading DrawbackBest For
Rapid Antigen TestProtein fragments (antigens) of the virusFastest Test on the Market

Least Expensive
Lacks precision
If you are not actively showing symptoms of an infection, this test might not give accurate results.
Individuals with active symptoms of infection
Rapid PCR TestGenetic material of the virusFast and accurateRapid PCR Testing results are not as widely accepted as the results from In-Lab PCR Testing– Individuals who have just returned from a trip

– Individuals who think they may have been exposed to COVID-19 but don’t have symptoms
In-Lab PCR TestGenetic material of the virusThe Gold Standard

Most accurate test on the market

– Can accommodate large quantities of simultaneous testing
Longest Wait Time

[FourthWall Testing offers industry-leading same-day results.]
– Individuals who need verified COVID-19 test results

– Organizations who need to test large groups at one time
FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing: Deciding Factors

As the above table shows, each of our tests is best in certain situations:

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, FourthWall Rapid Antigen Testing gets you the fastest results at the lowest cost.
  • If you have returned from a trip or think you have been exposed to COVID-19, schedule an appointment for FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing.
  • If, however, you need to have a verified test result, you should go with The Gold Standard: FourthWall In-Lab PCR Testing.
  • Businesses and organizations that need to test large groups should use FourthWall In-Lab PCR Testing too. In our new Atlanta lab, we can test thousands of samples at one time. Results on all samples available same day.

For more in depth information on how these tests work, please see this report from our in-house immunologist.

Bottom Line

Epitome Risk’s FourthWall Testing Lab is now open in Atlanta. This state-of-the-art facility is a CLIA-certified, COLA-Accredited molecular laboratory overseen by board-certified immunologist and former research associate at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Marvin S. Hausman.

FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing is perfect when you need quick and accurate results. Our rapid PCR tests are part of our convenient concierge testing service. Our certified personnel will come to you. And with FourthWall Rapid PCR Testing you’ll have results you can rely on in 15 minutes. Schedule an appointment today and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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