Expert Advice from Epitome's Production Safety & Risk Management Specialists

Businesses, TV and Film Production, Conferences and Professional Sports Teams Turning to Epitome Risk to Avoid Shutdowns

Mike Millet, Epitome Risk‘s co-founder and Chief Risk Officer, says he’s seeing professional sports teams, businesses, conference organizers, and even wedding planners turn to professional COVID compliance teams, like Epitome Risk’s, to keep offices and events open and safe. Millet has more than 30 years of field and C-Suite risk management experience; he and his team have focused on COVID-19 risk mitigation for the past 18 months. The teams he sends all over the world quietly blend in while at the same time keeping people, events, teams and families safe. Epitome Risk professionals are knowledgable, experienced, kind, cooperative and willing to lend a helping hand.

Epitome Risk provides:

  • COVID-19 transmission and risk mitigation, including pre-event testing on a secure site;
  • COVID-19 production risk assessments;
  • Solutions to Identify vulnerable or high-risk members of your team;
  • Processes to ensure your team is practicing safety measures, including social distancing;
  • Frameworks for production team units to expedite your project’s timeline;
  • Monitoring of proper PPE processes; and

Epitome Risk started working on TV and film productions all over the world,” said Millett. “We put the right team and precautions in place so we have never had a shutdown. Now businesses, professional sports teams, and conference organizers are calling for COVID-19 solutions, compliance and safety.”

“They have a lot of money on the line and they don’t want to shut down,” he added. “We are even sending a team overseas to help mitigate risk for a wedding that has guests coming in from all over the world.”

Epitome was built on the solid foundation established by Mike Millett’s extensive experience conducting risk management on TV & film sets. He has become known in the industry as a true team player who helps wherever needed. His impeccable attention to detail has afforded him opportunities to work with major productions, such as The Amazing Race and many Discovery Channel and NatGeo shows.

Through his expertise in the field, Epitome Risk has been able to form a strong team of risk management officers who are available locally and internationally for COVID-compliance or general risk assessments and mitigation. Through the focused and hard work of the Epitome experts, they have allowed a number of high-profile shows and films to get back on schedule by developing thoughtful strategies for reducing risk and keeping both actors and film crews safe.

Epitome Risk considers all possible risks, and implements both common-sense and mandated safety practices to mitigate potential issues. Born through extensive experience, Epitome Risk can successfully create and apply multifaceted plans for businesses, events, professional sports teams, and production crews without interrupting project timelines or business, team or event goals.