Epitome is a U.S.-based risk management company,specializing in COVID-compliance& safety support for tv & filmproductions.


Epitome is a U.S.-based risk management company, specializing in COVID-compliance & safety support for TV & film productions.

Epitome has over a decade of experience providing film and tv production crews with risk mitigation and safety solutions. We specialize in risk management, COVID-compliance measures, and safety support for corporate events, music videos, professional sporting events, and more.

We are the only U.S.-based risk management company, specializing in COVID compliance and safety support for TV and film productions. By working with industry-leading international partners, Epitome delivers the highest level of logistical risk analysis and consulting services for the unique needs of on-location television and film production.

Epitome Risk has committed its services to help organizations manage these unique risks and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our team of experts has spent the last 9 months learning everything they can about COVID-19, the relevant laws for COVID-19 compliance, and possible solutions to the problems organizations are currently facing due to Coronavirus. To learn more about how Epitome Risk Solutions can help you overcome these new challenges

We are risk management experts who are the leaders in COVID based on our other specialties. We only hire veterans, EMTs, Nurses, and other high-level project/risk managers for COVID officers.

Learn more about our team below!

Mike Millett
Chief Safety Officer

Epitome was built on the solid foundation established by Millett’s extensive experience conducting risk management on television and film sets. He has become known in the industry as a true team player who helps wherever help is needed. His attention to detail has afforded him opportunities to work with major productions, such as The Amazing Race and multiple Discovery Channel and NatGeo shows.

Through Millett’s expertise in the field, Epitome has been able to form a strong team of risk management officers who are available internationally for whatever your production may need, whether it’s COVID compliance or general risk assessments and mitigation.

Lisa Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Wilson’s experience in business covers a full spectrum of fields and backgrounds. From starting a company at her dining room table and being the only woman in corporate board meetings to selling a profitable company, Lisa has learned business principles and methods from millionaire entrepreneurs. She has experienced firsthand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leading teams.

Lisa’s degree in psychology has afforded her the ability to look at business from a human-behavior perspective. She believes that strong, transformational leaders are born from a desire to never stop learning. It is her life’s passion to improve experiences in the workplace for as many people as she can. She wants to inspire business owners and corporate leaders to be a better, more empathetic version of themselves. Trust Epitome to keep your team on track with help from our specialists today!