Epitome Risk provides film, television, broadcast, sports, and commercial productions with a one-stop solution to their safety and risk management needs.

About Epitome

Lisa Wilson and Mike Millett founded Epitome Risk for one reason only: to make film and television productions safer.

As the entertainment industry pivots toward making risk management an integral part of production, Epitome has been at the forefront of this effort for years. We provide full-spectrum risk management through a proven, tested, custom, and comprehensive process.

Epitome Risk works together with film unions, insurers, studios, and production companies to make every project as safe as possible. Our Risk Management & Safety Experts have combined experience on HUNDREDS of productions, from major motion pictures to hit television shows. Our team is comprised of current and former producers, directors, writers, stunt-coordinators, safety specialists, and OSHA-certified safety experts.

We are a Woman-Owned, Veteran-Run, U.S.-Based risk management company, specializing in risk management, safety and full-service COVID-19 testing and support   for tv & film productions.

Our trained personnel have the unique combination of on-set industry experience and years of military service. We have the leadership and training that only military service can provide. To learn more about us, meet the team.

We offer comprehensive risk management services for major studio project and indie films alike. Our team has the resources and expertise to support projects anywhere in the United States. To manage the risk associated with production, protect your crew and talent, and unleash creativity — contact us today.

Epitome Risk: Less Risk, More Confidence.