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Health & Safety

Epitome’s Health & Safety staff is the best in the business and ready to meet all your production’s needs. With us on your team, you don’t have to search for qualified personnel during pre-production. We have everything and everyone you need under one roof.

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Risk Management

Epitome is the industry-leader when it comes to production risk management. We will analyze your screenplay and evaluate every aspect of your production to ensure your cast and crew are as safe as possible. From weapons safety to rappelling into volcanoes and tagging sharks, our experts help you minimize risk and get the shots you need.

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Lab Testing

We own our own lab so we can ensure that our clients get the fastest, most accurate test results on the market. Our lab is staffed 24/7 and capable of running tests around the clock. With Epitome, your production will never have to wait for test results again.

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Epitome is a U.S. based business, specializing in high-level risk, security, and COVID testing solutions.

We provide same-day COVID testing results for TV/Film, sports, events, businesses and individuals. By purchasing our own lab, FourthWall Testing, Epitome provides same-day results, while maintaining the entire customer service experience under one umbrella.

Through working with industry-leading international partners, Epitome delivers the highest level of logistical risk analysis and consulting for the unique needs of on-location projects.


World Class Risk Management

We create world-class COVID Safety and Risk Management plans for TV and film production,
businesses, professional sporting events, and special events without interrupting project
timelines or bothering employees and guests. We have more than 70 years of combined field and C-Suite risk management experience, from the United States to the most dangerous places in the world. We know how to keep people safe.

World Class Risk Management

Epitome has a strong culture of safety, compliance, and adherence to best practices. Weve instilled individual ownership of risk and safety compliance throughout our company. It's who we are at our core. One persons risk is everyones risk. We make sure every single person in the organization is safe. Its the epitome of what we do. Over half our company is made up of US Veterans.

World Class Risk Management

Epitome Risk focuses on health, safety and risk management breakthroughs that change
peoples lives. We drive scientific, technical, and commercial innovation that has a
transformational impact on human health, risk and safety. We provide clients from the
Boardroom to the boiler room, professional arenas to small concert halls, overseas to a local event, that they need to protect people, investments and reputation.

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Epitome is a U.S.-based risk management company. We work with industry-leading partners to deliver the highest level of logistic and risk analysis to television and film production. Stay in compliance, keep your team safe, and work on schedule with help from Epitome.

Epitome was built on the solid foundation established by Mike Millett’s extensive experience conducting risk management on TV & film sets. He has become known in the industry as a true team player who helps wherever needed. His impeccable attention to detail has afforded him opportunities to work with major productions, such as The Amazing Race and multiple Discovery Channel and NatGeo shows.

Through his expertise in the field, we have been able to form a strong team of risk management officers who are available internationally for whatever needs your production may have for COVID-compliance or general risk assessments and mitigation.



Today’s businesses face more risk, and wrestle with an unknown and unpredictable future. One-size-fits all statements about the impact of the pandemic, and what it means for your business are no longer valid. What we do know is that the pandemic taught us valuable lessons about business and risk management. We’d be foolish not to step back and use this as an opportunity to reevaluate and apply a new, holistic risk management approach for our businesses.

Enter Everest. Whether it’s a pandemic, a cyber crisis, or a competitor’s success - agile businesses need to expect and plan for disruption, and learn to move between every day business and crisis without missing a step.

We chose the name Everest for our business program carefully and with purpose. Most of our employees are outdoor enthusiasts. They will tell you that mountain climbing and business are alike in some ways: to succeed you have to plan for the unexpected, travel with a good guide and train with passion.



The fundamentals of COVID-19 transmission and risk mitigation for tv and film crews are essential to keep production running smoothly. We consider usual production risks and implement mandated safety practices to mitigate potential spread. Uphold safety on location and stay in compliance with our help.

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Who We Are

Epitome Risk is made up of people who are expected to constantly learn and develop. Our
people have learned when to take initiative and bear responsibility—all in an environment where they may have to improvise, and individual roles may shift. And they're doing this in dangerous parts of the world under enormous pressure. Over half our company is made up of US Veterans.

Whether a Veteran or civilian, Epitome Risk has built a culture of openness, trust, and
integrity in business practices. Its what sets us apart from our competitors.


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To manage the risk associated with production, protect your crew and talent, and unleash creativity — get in touch with us.

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